Metal additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize the automotive market – from high-performance racing cars to production vehicles, the benefits of design freedom and maximized functionality are increasing the demand for this disruptive technology. From engine and transmission components to chassis parts and even tire mold segments, selective laser melting reduces development time, eliminates the need for tooling, and opens up new possibilities for performance enhancements. Lightweight components not only save on fuel-efficiency, but can also lower inventory and handling costs in the supply chain.

The main challenge of the automotive industry is the integration of the selective laser melting technology into series production. OEMs and tier one suppliers focus on both productivity and quality in their evaluation of the SLM® process and SLM® produced components. The SLM®500 quad laser metal additive manufacturing system from SLM Solutions aims to meet these goals with up to four 700W lasers offering the highest throughput. Selective laser melting systems monitor real-time process parameters with various quality systems. Powder quality is ensured with the integrated vacuum-technology powder management system that ensures metal powder stays within a closed-loop, inert atmosphere.

Expert applications support from SLM Solutions aids in developing components optimized for selective laser melting, from prototype to production.


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