Selective laser melting is increasingly used in the tooling industry, where benefits are being realized through the production of complete tools or tooling inserts with a new-found freedom of design afforded through SLM. One main area of application is through the integration of conformal cooling channels that make is possible to shorten cycle times, minimize stress loads in the components to be produced and extend the tool life.

In addition, tools or inserts can be built with various material properties. These specifications can be integrated for targeted surface hardness or damping properties of the core, for example.

The high-performance SLM®280 twin is ideal for toolmaking. With a build chamber of 280x280x365 mm and patented multi-laser technology with up to two 700W lasers, this selective laser melting system sets the standard of productivity. Additionally, improved gas flow ensures quality builds optimized for density and surface finish, especially for components built from stainless steel or nickel-based alloys.

Quality features of SLM® systems ensure enhanced process parameters together with a closed-loop powder system to ensure powder quality.

Expert applications support from SLM Solutions aids in developing components optimized for selective laser melting, from prototype to production.


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